About us
NETPLAN was established in 2008 with the goal of continuous and absolute specialization in specific, globally renowned products. The proper implementation and integration of these products can reliably cover over time a company's telecommunications and data processing needs.
The company is comprised of experienced professionals in the fields of Information Technology and Telecommunications, possessing sound and multi-level scientific knowledge and training.
Maintaining this expertise through official retraining makes NETPLAN a benchmark in the specialized provision of data processing and automation services.

How We Work

The main focus of NETPLAN is the professional provision of services in the field of data processing and automation for businesses and organizations.

The company believes in and constantly invests in the expertise of its people, with the main goal being its continuous and absolute specialization in technologies that are essential for integrated information systems solutions, strictly meeting professional specifications.

NETPLAN undertakes and delivers intergrated projects by carrying out the following phases:

The philosophy of NETPLAN is always to build a relationship with the clients based on trust, ensuring high-quality services and achieving the goals of its agreement with them.
The fundamental and inviolable rules of NETPLAN are:
Our Processes

Precise Needs Assessment


Innovative Technologies


Experienced and Specialized Personnel


Proactive Support and Maintenance

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